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All the alumni of Queens College are invited to attend the Reunion, "Dharohar -2016", Which is scheduled on 24th January'16. The program is devided in two parts, first interaction of senior student with selected alumni (3-5PM) and reunion with family with old teachers and select student (5.30PM-9.30PM) at dinner and cultural program. The participation fee per family is Rs. 500/-. 

   Constitution of Queen’s College Alumni Association

  • These rules shall be called the Rules of the “Queen’s College Alumni Association” alias “Queen’s College Puratan Chhatra Sangathan”.
  • They shall come into force with effect from 30th Day of December 2012.
  • The Association shall consist of all those persons who have signed the Memorandum of Association and all others who become members of the Association by or under these rule and continue to be a member of Association.
  • The Association shall have perpetual succession and shall sue and be sued by its name, through its Secretary or through such other person as may be authorized by Executive Body of the Association, and ratified by the General Body.
  •
Welcome to Queens College Alumni Association

 List of Governing Board

Prof. P.K. Mishra 1981 President 9415301462
Mr. Kamal Kumar Srivastava 1983 Vice President 9415600658
Dr. Ajay Pandey 1984 Vice President 9415202323
Dr.. Pramod Kumar Pandey 1984 Vice President 9415226878
Mr. Shailendra Gupta 1985 Vice President 9415256987
Mr. Ravikant Srivastava 1987 Vice President 9415227878
Prof. Manoj Kumar Srivastava 1984 Gen.Secretary 9452828888
Mr. Anand Mishra 1984 Treasurer 9794103000
Mr.Suneel Kumar Singh 1984 Joint Secretary 9415810556
Mr.Pawan Kumar Singh 1987 Joint Secretary 9838000027
Dr.Ashok Kumar Pandey 1979 Excutive Member 9415343352
Prof. Rajeev Bhatla 1981 Excutive Member 9415290782
Mr.Praveen Pathak 1984 Excutive Member 9415226463
Mr.Sujeet Singh 1985 Excutive Member 9889024600
Dr. Anand Pandey 1987 Excutive Member 9835807979
Mr.Sunil Kumar Singh 1987 Excutive Member 9335416888
Dr. Pyare Mohan Mishra 1983 Excutive Member 9415247771
Mr.Amitabh Pandey 1994 Excutive Member 9506034099


वाराणसी को 'सर्विध्या की राजधानी' कहा गया है। अनादिकाल से देश-विदेश से विद्यार्थी यंहा विद्या अर्जन करने आते रहे है। राजा दिवोदास का आयुविज्ञान विद्यापीठ यहाँ था। तक्षशीला और काशी के विद्यालयों के बीच शिक्षकों-विद्यार्थी का आदान प्रदान होता था। गौतम बुद्ध से लेकर स्वामी दयानंद तक भारत के विभिन्न सम्प्रदायों के प्रवर्तक और दर्शनों के आचार्य अपने मत पर प्रमाणिकता की मुहर लगवाने काशी आते रहे है। Read More...

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